Red Website Colors




Qualities of Red: Action, Bold, Confident, Control, Courage, Disruption, Drive, Energy, Excitement, Food / Appetite, Important, Impulse-Buys, Impulsive, Love, Lust, Passion, Power, Speed, Strength, Tenacity, Victory.

Industries Using the Color Red

  • Food
  • Restaurants
  • Auto
  • Service/Trades
  • Retail
  • Music
  • Sportswear
  • Beverages
  • Entertainment
  • Masculine Brands


Using Red

There are no hard and fast rules, but here are a few brand archetypes that may choose to use red in their brand’s color palette:


  • Lover Archetype
  • Artist (Creator) Archetype
  • Jester Archetype
  • Ruler Archetype
  • Everyperson Archetype
  • Outlaw Archetype

Red Brand Logos

Clair's Logo

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Websites Using the Color Red

Below are just a few websites that are using the color red as part of their visual design color palette. You can see that red works across different types of businesses and industries.


Business: Media/Innovation/Entertainment

Target Customer: Forward-thinking consumers

Color Palette: Bright Red, White

Look & Feel: Strong, bold




Business: Entertainment/Video

Target Customer: Every consumer interested in streaming entertainment

Color Palette: Black, red

Look & Feel: Modern, Masculine



Business: Beverage

Target Customer: The everyman who enjoys life with a soda

Color Palette: Red, White, Black

Look & Feel: Bold, Clean, Nostalgic


Red Color Palettes

Below are some examples of color palettes featuring the color red. Feel free to use these color palettes in your brand designs. Or, click the link and visit the Coolers color palette website where you can modify these color palettes and make your own.

Red Color Pallettes
Energized, Happy
Dusty Pink Palette
Bold, Confident, Sophisticated
Pink Brown Palette

Cheerful, Modern, Clean

Pink Bright Gray

Bold, Strong, Modern

Coral Pink Gray Palette

Strong, Bold, Elegant, Rich.

Pink Aqua Mint
Serious, Strong, Stable
Eggplant Pink Pale Blue Palette
Retro, Vintage
Dark Gray Pink Beige Palette
Elegant, Modern, Clean, Traditional