"Joy and gratitude in service."


Lover Archetype Wheel

A caregiver is service-oriented and is focused on care and protection.

A few qualities of the CAREGIVER ARCHETYPE include: support, help, service, gratitude, recognition, compassion, generosity, protection, and care.

Brand archetypes help you express the personality of your brand to customers.

Based on the work of Psychologist Carl Jung, archetypes tap into the character and values of your brand, making it more relatable.  This helps you to form stronger more authentic connections and build brand loyalty.

Jungian archetypes are defined as universal, archaic symbols and images that derive from the collective unconscious. (Wikipedia)

When you do the work to clearly define and leverage your brand’s archetype, your business will be more successful in attracting and engaging the right customers.




Caregiver Archetype Industries

Here are a few common industries where you may find the caregiver brand archetype:







Caregiver Archetype Brands

Here are a few well-known brands that embody characteristics from the Caregiver Brand Archetype:


Mm! Mm! Good!


For every pair of TOMS shoes purchased online or at retail, the company will provide a pair to a child in need. One for One.


Advocate for affordable housing. Promote dignity and hope.

-Habitat for Humanity

Touching Lives Improving Lives

-Proctor & Gamble

Is my Brand the Caregiver Archetype?

The most important thing to consider when selecting an archetype for your brand is what will most resonate with your customers.

Start by asking “What do we most want our brand to evoke for our customers?”

Here are a few statements to help determine if your brand fits the Caregiver Archetype:

  • My brand is focused on connection and service to others.
  • My brand has a caring and nurturing personality.
  • I feel that the spirit of my brand most embodies support, help, service, gratitude, recognition, compassion, generosity, protection, and care.

If you would like to do a deeper dive into your branding, download my free branding workbook.