Blue Website Color Schemes




When selecting a blue website color scheme, consider which emotions you are trying to evoke in your target audience. If your brand is focused on one or more of these qualities below, a blue website color palette may be a good choice.

Qualities of Blue: Calm, Competence, Conservative, Corporate, Dependable, Efficiency, Grace, High- Quality, Intelligence, Masculine, Openness, Peace, Recovery, Reliability, Reliability, Respect, Responsible, Safety, Traditional, Tranquility, Trustworthy.

Industries Using the Color Blue

  • Media
  • Restaurants
  • Services
  • Trades
  • Consultants
  • Corporations
  • Technology / Software
  • Medical
  • Wellness
  • Masculine Brands
You can use a blue website color scheme, even if you are not in one of the above industries. There is some general guidance around which colors work best for specific types of industries: for example, you will see a lot of red in the restaurant industry, but you can break the rules.

As long as the look and feel of your website design is suitable for your target customers, and suits your brand, it should work nicely.


Using Blue

There are no hard and fast rules, but here are a few brand archetypes that may choose to use blue in their brand’s color palette:


  • Artist (Creator) Archetype
  • Everyperson Archetype
  • Sage Archetype

Blue Brand Logos

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Websites Using the Color Blue

Below are just a few websites that are using the color blue as part of their visual design color palette. You can see that blue works across different types of businesses and industries.


Business: Digital Product Agency

Target Customer: Startups and B2B Corporations

Color Palette: Blue, White

Look & Feel: Modern, Clean, Professional




Business: Construction, Capital Projects

Target Customer: Multiple industries (B2B) needing specialized project expertise

Color Palette: Black, Blue, White

Look & Feel: Competent, Masculine



Business: Rideshare App

Target Customer: Gig Economy Services/Drivers

Color Palette: Blue, White

Look & Feel: Modern, Hip, Tech-Savvy


Blue Website Color Palettes

Below are some examples of color palettes featuring the color red. Feel free to use these color palettes in your brand designs. Or, click the link and visit the Coolers color palette website where you can modify these color palettes and make your own.

Red Color Pallettes
Professional, Subdued, Corporate
Dusty Pink Palette
Modern, Energetic
Pink Brown Palette

Fresh, Professional, Clean

Pink Bright Gray

Bold, Strong, Confident

Coral Pink Gray Palette

Strong, Serious.

Pink Aqua Mint
Professional, Traditional, Upscale
Eggplant Pink Pale Blue Palette
Modern, Youthful
Dark Gray Pink Beige Palette
Elegant, Modern, Clean, Traditional