"The world is my canvas."


Lover Archetype Wheel

An artist wants to create something original.

A few qualities of the ARTIST ARCHETYPE include: creation, originality, innovation, self-expression, vision, imagination, and entrepreneurship.

Brand archetypes help you express the personality of your brand to customers.

Based on the work of Psychologist Carl Jung, archetypes tap into the character and values of your brand, making it more relatable.  This helps you to form stronger more authentic connections and build brand loyalty.

Jungian archetypes are defined as universal, archaic symbols and images that derive from the collective unconscious. (Wikipedia)

When you do the work to clearly define and leverage your brand’s archetype, your business will be more successful in attracting and engaging the right customers.




Artist Archetype Industries

Here are a few common industries where you may find the artist brand archetype:




Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Bespoke Clothing


Artist Archetype Brands

Here are a few well-known brands that embody characteristics from the Artist Brand Archetype:


Capture and share the world's moments.


Broadcast yourself.


The Power of Creativity


Is my Brand the Artist Archetype?

The most important thing to consider when selecting an archetype for your brand is what will most resonate with your customers.

Start by asking “What do we most want our brand to evoke for our customers?”

Here are a few statements to help determine if your brand fits the Artist Archetype:

  • My brand will help customers tap into creativity and self-expression.
  • My brand will focus on the original, innovative, or one-of-a-kind.
  • I feel that the spirit of my brand most embodies creativity, originality, imagination, innovation, vision, self-expression, and non-conformity.

If you would like to do a deeper dive into your branding, download my free branding workbook.

Visual Design

Selecting a brand color palette is a key decision in the visual design of your website. All of your brand’s design assets should be consistent.

Many studies have been done on the correlation between colors and human emotions. While there are no hard and fast rules on what colors you can use, it makes sense to select colors that work with your brand archetype and target customers.


Creation, Originality, Innovation, Self Expression, Vision, Imagination, Entrepreneurship

_____ The Artist____

The Artist Archetype, by its very nature, is original and imaginative.  So, the rules for selecting your brand’s color palette are more flexible than for more traditional, conventional, or corporate brands.

Below are some colors you may consider exploring for your brand’s visual design.

The most important consideration is who your target customer is,  and how you want your brand to relate to them.  What emotions do you wish to evoke, and which colors will help express your unique brand personality?

color yellow


Qualities of Red: Action, Bold, Confident, Control, Courage, Disruption, Drive, Energy, Excitement, Food / Appetite, Important, Impulse-Buys, Impulsive, Love, Lust, Passion, Power, Speed, Strength, Tenacity, Victory

blue color


Qualities of Orange: Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Friendship, Fulfillment, Gregarious, Hospitality, Joy, Outgoing, Pleasure, Stimulation, Uniqueness, Vitality, Warmth, Welcoming

color yellow


Qualities of Yellow: Adventure, Awareness, Cheerfulness, Competence, Enlightenment, Enthusiasm, Freedom, Friendly, Happiness, Joy, Non-Conforming, Novelty, Optimistic, Outgoing, Extroverted, Playful, Positivity, Social, Success, Warmth

color yellow


Qualities of Pink: Clarity, Compassion, Discernment, Feminine, Glamorous, Hope, Insight, Kindness, Originality, Perception, Self-Improvement, Self-Knowledge, Sentimental, Simplicity, Sincerity, Sophistication, Vision,

color green


Qualities of Turquoise: Balance, Calming, Creative, Discovery, Empathy, Intuition, Loyalty, Open, Serenity, Sophisticated, Understanding

purple color


Qualities of Purple: Authority, Collaboration,
Creativity, Decadence, Destiny, Dreams, Extravagant, Imagination, Intuition, Luxury, Magical, Mystery, Originality, Power, Quality, Richness, Romance, Royalty, Sensual, Sophistication, Spirituality, Vision, Wisdom

beige color


Qualities of White: Beauty, Cleanliness, Faith,
Freshness, Happiness, Innocence, Innovation, Integrity, Minimalist,  Neutral, New, Possibility, Purity, Safety, Simplicity, Sincerity, Virtue