About Me

My mission is to help everyday entrepreneurs build and grow their business with ease by providing valuable information and resources while reducing complexity, and saving time. I’m a major nerd, and proud of it. I’ve spent my entire career working at the intersection of technology & business. I love helping others find the right technologies, solutions, and strategies that work.

I’m a certified digital business consultant, technologist, and all-around creative person. With 20 years of experience, I’ve helped hundreds build and grow their business online. I’ll help you learn exactly what to do to make your business work online.

I’ve consulted with bloggers, mom & pop businesses, startups, and multi-million dollar corporations. My “in the trenches” real-world experience will save you a ton of time, money, and hassle.  So you can focus on running your business.

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You have lots of choices over where to get your information.  There are plenty of gurus offering advice online.  So what do I offer? I have loads of real-world experience working on real businesses: from strategy through execution.  I have been in the trenches,  and have had to start from nothing to build and grow my own business.  I’ve “been there,  done that.”

I have extensive training in technology, digital marketing, and design. I have studied with industry-leading online business veterans. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and over 17 technical & marketing certifications. I’ve completed digital marketing training from Google, Facebook, HubSpot, Digital Marketer, and more. Before launching my own digital agency, I worked in the tech industry for 15 years.

Mission & Values

I launched this website to help everyday people build and grow their business faster. I saw a need in spite of all the other website builders, templates, agencies, and gurus already out there.

Many entrepreneurs and new startups cannot afford to hire a big, expensive agency. But they need to have a decent website, good design, and an actionable marketing plan.

There are also a lot of online charlatans taking advantage of people for a quick buck. They are selling “solutions” with little to no real-world experience backing it up. I hate seeing people get lied to and taken advantage of.

I grew tired of seeing ads for easy website builder solutions promising to build your website in an hour. I know these sites will do little to nothing to get your business off the ground. I have seen so many new business owners build one of these sites and then wonder why they didn’t get any customers.

And let’s be honest. The amount of information one has to consume to build an online presence is insane–and I am a techie! I can see how overwhelmed people become when making decisions for their business. I’ve already implemented dozens of technologies and tactics for companies. I feel compelled to share what solutions will work for each type of business and target customer.

The right website can make the difference between a business succeeding or failing. And, the right strategy and action plan can save loads of time and money.

I have built and run my own businesses and have made my fair share of mistakes along the way. I know how hard it is because I have been there. Entrepreneurs are the bravest and scrappiest people I know. I look forward to serving you.

Are you feeling desperate to figure out how to make your website and business work online?

You’re not the only one.

Many of my clients were in the same place when they started.

And when I started out, so was I. I had already worked in the tech industry for fifteen years. I assumed that websites and online business stuff would be easy. But I was wrong.

I spent the next several years building dozens of websites. I immersed myself in learning and spent thousands of dollars on training. I took classes from top experts and acquired industry certifications.  I studied everything I could find about websites and online marketing. I earned my business degree. 

I tried out tons of web tools and digital marketing software solutions on my websites trying to figure out what worked, and what didn’t. I ran lots of experiments. After years of trial and error, it started to click. I finally learned how to make all this stuff work.

I started to see results from my hard work and experience. Over time, my blog started earning thousands a month in advertising revenue. My Etsy and handmade crafts website, which I had started as a hobby, took off and became a second full-time job. Friends and family members started asking me to build or fix their websites.

Eventually, I took the leap, quit my corporate job, and founded my own digital agency. 

Serving my clients was very rewarding. After applying the right techniques they often would double or even quadruple their business from their website. 

But running an agency was hard and I could only serve a handful of clients at a time. I was working around the clock, and struggling to scale my company while keeping quality high. I knew there had to be a better way to serve more people at scale.

Through this website, I can reach thousands of people. By sharing my knowledge, experience, and helpful resources, I will help you get results fast.